What is Bash scripting?

Bash scripting refers to the practice of writing scripts using the Bash (Bourne Again SHell) programming language. Bash is a popular command-line shell and scripting language primarily used in Unix-like operating systems, including Linux.

Bash scripts are a collection of commands and instructions written in the Bash language. They are typically saved in plain text files with the extension “.sh”. These scripts can be executed to automate repetitive tasks, perform system administration tasks, or create complex workflows.

Bash provides a wide range of features and capabilities for scripting, including variables, loops, conditional statements, functions, and file handling. It also allows the execution of external programs and the manipulation of command-line arguments and environment variables.

Bash scripting is widely used by system administrators, developers, and power users to automate various tasks, such as system configuration, software installations, log analysis, data processing, and more. It offers a flexible and powerful way to automate command-line operations and build efficient workflows.

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