How to run bash scripts?

To run a Bash script, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a new file and save it with a .sh extension. For example,
  2. Open the file in a text editor and write your Bash script within it. Here’s an example:

echo "This is my Bash script."
echo "Today's date is $(date)."

In this example, the script prints a message and displays the current date using the date command.

  1. Save the file.
  2. Open a terminal or command prompt.
  3. Navigate to the directory where your script is located. For example, if your script is in the /home/user/scripts directory, you can navigate there using the command:

cd /home/user/scripts

6. Make the script executable by running the command:

chmod +x

This command grants the script execution permission.

7. Finally, run the script by typing its name preceded by ./ (dot slash), followed by Enter:


The script will execute, and you should see the output in the terminal.

Note: Ensure that you have the Bash interpreter installed on your system. Bash is typically available by default on Unix-like operating systems, including Linux. If you’re using a different operating system, you may need to install Bash or use an alternative shell that supports Bash scripting.

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