Bash Indenting

In Bash scripting, indenting is not necessary for the execution of the script, as the interpreter ignores whitespace. However, proper indentation greatly enhances the readability and maintainability of your code. It helps in visually grouping related statements, making the code structure clear and understandable.

Here’s an example that demonstrates the usage of indentation in a Bash script:


function greet() {
    echo "Hello!"
    echo "Welcome to the world."
    if [[ $1 == "" ]]; then
        echo "You are using"

greet ""

In this example, indentation is used to visually represent the structure of the script:

  • The function greet is indented with four spaces to visually separate it from other code blocks.
  • The statements within the function greet are further indented with four more spaces.
  • The if statement inside the function is indented with four additional spaces to clearly show that it is part of the function’s code block.
  • The echo statements inside the if block are indented another four spaces.

Proper indentation improves the readability of the script and helps understand the flow and hierarchy of code blocks. It is a best practice to follow consistent indentation throughout your Bash scripts to make them more maintainable and easier to understand.

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